Dr Bachner-Hinenzon is an entrepreneur, highly experienced scientist with in-depth knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In 2014 Noa has established AcoustiCure, a new enterprise in the field of therapeutic ultrasound for heart and lungs repair, and serves as its CEO. Prior to AcoustiCure, Noa served as a Product Manager in Rambam Health Care Campus, creating classification of pathological trports using NLP algoritems. Prior to Rambam, Noa served as Senior System Engineer in GE Healthcare (ultrasound department), worked on signal processing algorithms to improve image quality, and developed matematicl models for acoustic sounds.

Dr Bachner-Hinenzon holds a Post Doctorate, PhD, M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Biomedical engineering all from Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology.