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AI Powered Primary Care Diagnostic Solutions

Early exacerbation detection for asthma, heart failure, COPD chronic patients using infrasound and AI

Sanolla's breakthrough smart diagnostic solutions for physicians and patients support the early assessment and monitoring of cardiopulmonary conditions such as congestive heart failure, pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), COVID-19 and more. Based on AI-powered detection and analysis of previously inaccessible body infrasounds and other important vital signs (ECG, heart rate, oxygen level, body temperature and respiratory cycle), Sanolla's products can provide immediate and accurate assessment, reducing unnecessary in-clinic visits, saving time and money, and lowering the associated risk of exposure to infections.

Our Products

Smart Stethoscope


Immediate Primary Care Diagnosis Breakthrough

VoqX is the best stethoscope in the world VoqX detects infrasound and audible sounds, identifies clinical conditions based on our AI algorithms and displays diagnosis through our proprietary sound signature image. This can reduce the need for CT or X-Ray radiation or invasive blood tests and provides health care professionals with a precise, fast diagnosis:

  • Digital Stethoscope
  • AI Ready
  • Amplifies the chest sounds by a factor of 40
  • Ambient Noise Cancelation
  • BOOST Acoustic Optimization
  • Sound Signature Spectrogram
  • Touch Screen
  • In the near future:
  • AI decision support heart and lung disease classifiers
  • Integrated heart rate, oxygen level, body temperature and respiratory cycle
  • Recording and data transmission

A Clinic at Home


Your clinic at Home

An intuitive self assessment and monitoring device, the PyXy provides patients with a piece of mind and a positive life impact from the comfort of their own home, by providing indication of the clinical condition on the device display based on AI technology. Ideally suited for:

  • Families with young children
  • Elderly people
  • Immobilized, quarantined or patients suffering from chronic diseases


Our Technology - The Sound of Ingenuity

Delivering crucial medical information by analyzing the body’s full spectrum of sounds including the invaluable infrasound range

Making Infrasound Accessible
Making Infrasound Accessible
  • Our body produces infrasound – undetectable to the human ear
  • Infrasound contains clinically significant data
  • As of now, this vital information was not available
  • By using frequency shifting algorithms we convert infrasound into audible range
  • Presenting the full body sound spectrum in a proprietary sound signature

Improving patient care with cutting-edge devices

AI based Disease Classification
SaaS – On Unit Embedded AI
  • Full-spectrum based AI disease classifiers
  • Detects patient’s condition based on sounds resonating from the chest area
  • Allows self-assessment and self-monitoring to identify improvement or exacerbation
  • Does not require web connectivity for integration New health surveillance system Telehealth-ready AI-powered lung and heart monitoring platform


PyXy + AI = A new AI powered auscultation device


Together with a consortium of innovation drivers, technology enablers, a go-to market partner and 4 health care providers, our project project is up and running. Funded by Horizon 2020  with €5 million to harness our existing AI algorithm to easily detect and monitor lung and chronic heart patients, the project is expected to be commercialized in under 2 years. The project proposal was given a perfect score of 15 out of 15, by all the examiners making it outstanding.


We invite you to visit the website for more info.

Shaping the Future of Patient Care - Connecting Patients and Doctors to Surpass Standard of Care

Our technology provides diagnostic solutions for screening and monitoring. By connecting clinicians and patients remotely, we improve workflow and exceed current healthcare standards.


To learn more about our vision, click here.

Providing a comprehensive overview of the patient's clinical status with integrated sensors

comprehensive overview

Heart and Lung Auscultation


Heart Rate


Oxygen Saturation


Respiratory Cycle




Body Temperature

The Sound of Innovation

On unit Deep learning
SaaS - On Unit Embedded AI

  • Real-time signal processing
  • AI based disease classifier
  • Does not require web connectivity
SaaS- Connectivity

  • Data transfer to PC or mobile
  • Bluetooth port
  • Web and mobile Apps
Ultra-Sensitive Sounds
Ultra-Sensitive Sounds

  • Wide-band microphones
  • Picks up sounds through clothes
  • Indication on voice recording quality
  • Adaptive filter for external noise reduction
Proprietary Sound Signature
Proprietary Sound Signature

  • Converting sound into image modality
Body Proximity Sensor
Body Proximity Sensor

  • Recording starts next to patient’s body

  • Measures respiratory cycle

  • Sleep mode when not in use

  • Easy-to-operate touch screen interface
Smart Battery Management
Smart Battery Management

  • Up to 48 hours of work time
  • Full charge in less than 3 hours

Imagine Hearing COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought new challenges to primary care, especially for vulnerable populations like the elderly and the chronically ill. Now, more than ever, there is a growing need for smart solutions in order to reduce infections, increase cost-effectiveness and decrease time.

Sanolla’s enabling technology offers a unique proposition in assessing for COVID-19 which cannot be detected using mainstream stethoscopes. Recent studies demonstrate that COVID-19 patients present “silent hypoxemia” that might be a projection of ‘silent pneumonia’. Our products have the ability to identify and classify the full lung sound spectrum, including the infrasound range (inaccessible until now). The assessment is immediate, accurate and provides Ad-Hock answers.


Recently, Sanolla led a consortium for the PyXy.AI project, under the Horizon 2020  program to fight COVID-19 and monitor lung and heart chronic patients. Additionally, Sanolla has entered an extensive clinical trial conducted all across Israel. Trial kick off was in the presence of Mr. Yoav Kish (Israeli Deputy Health Minister). In recent news segment on Israeli 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 𝟏𝟐 𝐧𝐞𝐰𝐬, our unique infrasound technology for fighting COVID-19 was broadcasted.


In a multi-center clinical trial, the company has collected 3,290 lung- sound files from 217 COVID-19 patients and 2,016 lung sound files from 144 healthy subjects. These files were sampled with the intent to develop an AI-powered classifier for COVID-19. Illustrated below, we present the preliminary results (using data collected up until Jan 12, 2021) to demonstrate the accuracy of our AI algorithms in detecting COVID-19. These results underscore how our technology will enhance the speed and accuracy of COVID-19 assessment.


COVID-19 detection
Without Infrasound


With Infrasound



About Us

Founded in 2016 by a team of visionary industry experts with a mission of enhancing primary care, for health care professionals and patients, Sanolla leads the world’s first AI based infrasound auscultation technology. Capturing and analyzing the body's full spectrum of sounds providing critical medical data at reduced costs while notably improving patients’ lives. The company has 3 product lines with promising clinical results, is ISO 13485 certified, FDA cleared, with several technology patents and it operates in the multibillion-dollar primary care diagnostic devices market.


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Management and Board of Directors

Extensive Industry Experience with Proven Track Record
Prof. Shmuel Banai, MD

Prof. Shmuel Banai

Chief Medical Officer


Prof. Shmuel Banai - Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Banai is one of Israel’s leading Cardiologists and a well-known researcher. Professor Banai leads a productive and busy career as both the Director of the Division of Cardiology and the Head of Interventional Cardiology at the Tel Aviv Souraski Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel and as the Medical Director for Neovasc Inc.

He is a full academic Professor of Cardiology at the Tel Aviv University, Sackler School of Medicine. Head, of the Nicholas and Elizabeth Slezak Super Center for Cardiac Research and Biomedical Engineering, and the Walton Chair of Interventional Cardiology at the Tel Aviv University.

Professor Banai is the author of more than 200 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and has participated in many clinical and pre-clinical research.



Dorit Sokolov

Bus. Development


Dorit Sokolov - Bus. Development

Dorit is a seasoned HealthTech executive with extensive experience in Innovation, Investments, Business Development, and Strategy.  She is an investor, entrepreneur and advisor, focusing on bioconvergence and care delivery. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Isorad, the commercialization arm of Soreq Nuclear Center, a government owned company, developing and marketing advanced electro-optical and nuclear medicine products. Previously Dorit was a Managing Director with aMoon fund, worked with Amgen, scouting globally for ‘Beyond the Molecule’ technologies, co-founded Sanara Ventures, held VP BD positions with medical technology startups, worked as a Principal with Evergreen Venture Partners, and worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Dorit holds a Pharmacy degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management both Cum Laude.


Hadar Ron



Hadar Ron - Director

Dr. Hadar Ron is the founding partner of Israel Healthcare Ventures (IHCV), one of the most successful Israeli healthcare Venture Capital Funds.

She has an extensive medical, legal and management experience gained in senior positions in the financial, insurance, legal, healthcare sectors.

Dr. Ron serves as an active chairman of the Board of several healthcare companies and is a board member of numerous others, both private and public.

Dr. Ron is involved in many social initiatives in Israel, chairs the scientific advisory board  of Social Finance Israel, served as a member of the Board of Yissum, the technology transfer

company of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as a member of the advisory Board of the Momentum Fund of Tel Aviv University, and currently serves as a board member of BIRAD the tech transfer company

of Bar Ilan University.

Dr. Ron is a physician and attorney by education. She holds MD and LLB degrees from Tel Aviv University and has studied at the School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University


Gideon Sturlesi



Gideon Sturlesi - Chairman

Mr. Sturlesi is a seasoned executive in the Life Science industry with “hands on” management experience. Among other, Mr. Sturlesi served as co-founder of Galil Medical Ltd.,  General Manger of Lumenis Vision and EVP of  the Corporate and Deputy Director in Rafael.  He was Co- founder and general partner of BioMedical Israel Ltd., a life-science private fund group. Mr. Sturlesi holds a BSc and MSc (cum-laude) from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and he is the co-author of several patents and scientific  publications.

Doron Adler, PhD

Doron Adler, PhD

Founder & CEO


Doron Adler, PhD - Founder & CEO

Dr. Adler is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record in establishing successful med-tech companies.

Prior to founding Sanolla, Dr. Adler was the founder and CEO of Cbyond for 15 years until it was acquired by Olympus  for $2.1B. During this time he transitioned into the role of CEO of Olympus Israel and CTO for Olympus Surgical US.

Dr. Adler began his start-up career as the founder of iSight and was also part of the founding team and VP R&D of Given Imaging, later acquired by Covidien for $860M.

After his military service as a major in the Israeli Air Force he worked at Elbit – a leading global high-tech company.

Dr. Adler holds a Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering all from Technion – the Israel Institute of Technology. He has filed more than 130 patents, with most of these patents implemented in existing products.


Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Yochai Adir

Prof. Y. Adir


Prof. Y. Adir -

Prof. Yochai Adir is director of the Lung Institute at the Carmel medical center, director of Haifa area of Clalit Health Services (HMO) and chairman of the Israeli Association of Pulmonary Diseases. He specializes in pulmonary hypertension, non-invasive respiration, bronchiactomy, CF in adults, interstitial lung disease and in addition, advanced invasive bronchoscopy. Prof. Adir is a medical graduate of the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology, and in his last military position he was commander of the Marine Medicine Institute of the Navy and was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Prof. Khaled Karkabi

Prof. K. Karkabi


Prof. K. Karkabi -

Prof. Karkabi is a board-certified physician in family medicine and a clinical associate professor in family medicine at the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology. He has been practicing family medicine in Israel for more than 40 years and combines practice with academic activities. He functioned as the director of the French Carmel community clinic in Clalit Health Services, Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine, Clalit Health Services, Haifa and Western Galilee District for 14 years, Chairman of the Division of Family Medicine, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, and Chairman of the Professional Committee in Family Medicine, the Scientific Council of IMA. Prof. Karkabi has a Master in Medical Humanities and has published more than 50 publications in Medical Humanities and other topics in family medicine.

Prof. Avinoam Shiran

Prof. A. Shiran


Prof. A. Shiran -

Prof. Avinoam Shiran has been the Director of the Echocardiography Unit at Lady Davis Carmel Medical Center since 2006 and the Director of the Department of Cardiology in Carmel since 12/2020. He has a specialty in Internal Medicine from Bnai-Zion Medical Center and in Cardiology from Carmel Medical Center.

He studied echocardiography and ultrasound of blood vessels at Washington DC Medical Center, USA. Prof. Shiran was Chairman of the Israeli Working Group on Echocardiography of the Israel heart Society from 2005-2007.

Prof. Israel Cohen

Prof. I. Cohen


Prof. I. Cohen -

Israel Cohen is a Professor of electrical engineering at the Technion– Israel Institute of Technology. He is also a visiting professor at Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China.  His areas of interest include analysis and modeling of acoustic signals, statistical signal processing, source localization, microphone arrays, system identification, image analysis and processing and deep learning. He is a co-editor of the Multichannel Speech Processing Section of the Springer Handbook of Speech Processing and a coauthor of Fundamentals of Signal Enhancement and Array Signal Processing. He is an IEEE Fellow “for contributions to the theory and application of speech enhancement”, and Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Signal Processing Society (2019-2020).


Prof. O. Rogowski


Prof. O. Rogowski -

Prof. Ori Rogowski

Tel Aviv University – Associate Professor 
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center – Director of Internal Medicine


Prof. A. Lerman


Prof. A. Lerman -

Prof. Amir Lerman

Mayo Clinic- professor of Medicine
Cardiovascular Research Center at Mayo Clinic- Director


Prof. M. Wasserman


Prof. M. Wasserman -

Prof. Michael Wasserman

White House COVID-19 and Geriatric Advisor
Rockport Healthcare Services – Chief Executive Officer

CALTCM –  Past President



The Sound of Partnerships

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